Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hide A File In Image

How to Hide File In Image?

There are several softwares on internet who helps to hide all our files but here in this article I'm going to show how you can Hide File In Image. No one will know what is hidden there in image. With the simple trick you can hide some confidential data in one image file.

hide file in image

 You need to follow the steps below in order to hide file in image.

Step 1. Gather all data you want to bind and the image. Place all this data in one folder. I will be using D:\ new folder

 - The image file will hereby be referred to in all examples as abc.jpg
 -The file will hereby be referred to in all examples as New Text Document.txt

Step 2. Add the files you want to inject into image into .rar or .zip and from here give the name you want.(secret.rar)

Step 3. Open command promt by going to start > Run > cmd

Step 4. In CMD, navigate to the folder where your two files are by typing file location ( cd D:\new folder)

Step 5. Now type [copy /b abc.jpg + secret.rar abc.jpg] only use the command in brackets, dont use brackets.

And done, now for everyone that file will look like image file and you only that image contains your secret file.

Inorder to view/extract your file, there are two ways you can take

1. Change the file extension from abc.jpg to abc.rar and then open your file there.
2. Or leave file extension as it is, right click on image and open it with Winrar and your file will be there.

Thats it for this article. Enjoy this trick and keep your files confidential


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16232 ISO File Is Now Available For Download

Microsoft has rolled out all new Windows 10 Insider Preview build 16232 for the insider members in the fast ring. The new released is consist of awesome features and enhancement. If your wanted to know details of what Windows 10 Insider Preview build brings in terms of new features, fixes, chnages, improvements and issues can read here in this article.

windows 10

Currently Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16232 only available for fast rings, it is not yet available for official ISO files. If you choose clean install, you can download Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16232 ISO image here

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16232 ISO files:

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16232 UUP Files:

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16232 Language Packs:

Also you can download other Windows 10 builds Here

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Friday, July 7, 2017

What is Bitcoin? How does it work?

Basically Bitcoin is a digital currency, created and held electronically. There is no control on Bitcoins. Bitcoins are not in print form like our currency. This digital currency is produced by people, business and all computers running all around the world by using a software that solves mathamatical problems. Bitcoin is also known as Cryptocurrency.


Why it is different from other currencies?

Bitcoin is in digital form, it is not like other printed currencies we have. We can use Bitcoins to buy things electronically. It's like conventional dollars, euros which are also traded digitally.
There is no control on Bitcoins, that is is decentralized. This thing makes it different from other currencies. This puts some people at ease, because large banks control their money.

Who created Bitcoins?

Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin. He is a software developer who proposed idea of Bitcoin. Which is electronic payment system based on mathamatical proof. The actual idea was to produce a currency independent of any central authority, can tranfer electronically and instantly witg=h very low transaction fees.

Who prints it?

Actually no one. Bitcoin isn't physically printed by a central bank, it has its own rules. Bitcoins are created digitally. Bitcoins are Mined with the help of computer software. It is created by a community of people that anyone can join. Bitcoin has its own payment network.

 You cant churn out unlimited bitcoins. There are some rules and protocols that makes Bitcoin work. It says that only 21 millions of bitcoins can be created by miners.

What are characteristics?

1. It is decentralized. That means there is no control on Bitcoin. Every machine that can mine bitcoin and processes transaction make up a part of network and that machines work together.

2. It is very easy to set up.

3. It's anonymous that users can hold multiple bictoin addresses and they are not linked to name, address or other personal information.

4. It is completely transperent. Bitcoins store will tell you every single detail of transaction happened in the network.

5. It is very fast that you can send money anywhere you want and it will arrive in minutes. Most important thing is bitcoin dosen't charge for transactions.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Free Virtual Credit Card Services In India

What is Virtual Credit Card?

A virtual credit card is an add-on Visa Credit Card issued on your credit card. There is no existance of any plastic. All information like your card number, valid from data, expiry date, CVV nmber all visible online. This Virtual Credit Card allows you to transact online with credit limit you want.

 It is safer than your actual plastic credit card. Your key details like card number, expiry date, CVV number are visible online. You can use this details online while transaction and you don't have to worried about losing card. You dont have to wait for physical card or ATM pin.

With a virtual card we can transact from online like Paypal and this allow us to purchase across different vendors and merchants. So lets take look at some Indian Virtual Cards.

1. Pockets by ICICI

Pockets by ICICI

Pockets is VCC service offering from ICICI that helps you transact online. Pocket app is powered by Visa and it acts like you send and recieve money in your pocket. It also gives you physical credit card that you can use in shops. With Pockets you are able to transfer money anywhere. This is very flexible wallet. You can use Pockets for mobile recharge, movie tickets, etc.

2. Lime Wallet By Axis Bank

lime wallet by Axis bank

Lime is another wallet offering from Axis Bank. It works as like any wallet. It has one good feature that you can set your recurring expenses. It offers a tracking option where there isa dashboard that shows your expenses trends of your expenses so can keep track.

3. Oxigen Wallet

Oxigen wallet

This is one the most popular wallet in the country. One of the best feature of this wallet is they give cashback on every transaction. thats why it popular among us and it is older one.
Today Oxigen is offering nearby 25% of cashback on recharging through Oxigen, There is Oxigen App available for Android,iOS and WIndows platform.

4. SBI Virtual Card

SBI virtual card

The SBI virtual card is focused on safety of the customer. The account details of customer are not shared. This card is available for 48 hours maximum or when transaction is done.
The transaction is completed after OTP send to the mobile number of account holder. SBI virtual card have maximum limit of Rs.50000/-

5. Freecharge Go MasterCard

Freecharge go mastercard

Freecharge is India's most popular and top digital payment service. They have tie-up with Yes bank. With Freecharge Go Mastercard you can do online shopping and online transactions. It is 3D authentication enabled. Using this card you can purchase anything from E-commerce sites like eBay, Flipkart and Snapdeal.

These are Top 5 Virtual Credit Card services in India. You can use this virtual cards only in India.


Sunday, June 18, 2017

8 Essential Plugins You Must Install If You Haven’t Already

Here in this article I'm going to tell you about top 9 essential Plugins you should install on your browser. there are dozens of extensions are available there to broaden and secure your online movements. here are this 21 extensions.

1. Pocket

Pocket Plugin

If you are surfing on internet and you find something interesting article online but you dont have much time to read then should install Pocket extension on your browser. This is simple and powerful extension which allows you to save, favourite and bookmark article, as well you can save photos and videos at one click. You can access this content later by accessing Pocket website.

2. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plugin

This extension blocks annoying advertisements online. This also block banners, pop-ups and also irritating adverts at the beginningof Youtube videos. There are many Ad Blockers but this one works better than other and easy to use.

3. Proxmate

Proxmate Plugin

Proxmate is type of extension which works like any proxy software. Proxmate allows us to access content which is banned or blocked in our country. Proxmate does this by using  Proxy Server. Using this extension you can access any content of any region. While using Proxmate you must ensure that you are not breaking any laws or terms of services.

4. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary

This is most helpful extension ever. You can double click any word in your browser where Google Dictionary extension is already installed and full defination of that word will pop-up on your browser window. In this pop-up window there is a button, when clicked it plays a recording of correct pronunciation with the help of your speakers. When you click on "More" button it provides you all history of that word.

5. LastPass

LastPass Plugin

This is one of the most popular password manager today. Once you setup it can encrypt, generate and remember passwords for you. It is ease of use. LastPass extension autologins to your sites and sync your password everywhere you need them. It is a cross-platform, it not only works on most browsers but most of operating systems too. To unlock all feature of this extension you need to pay some fees.

6. Buffer

This extension provides a way to share content across Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. With a single click you can share any video or photo or a article on your all social media platforms. You not need to share each post seperately on different social media latforms. This is very useful when you want to share content with more people or if you are busy some day and still wish to remain active online.

7. Pushbullets

Pushbullets Plugin

Pushbullet is the extension which pushes all notification you recieve on you mobile to your pc. This includes notification of phone call, sms and Whatsapp Messages. It very useful when you dont want check your phone throught the day. More you do is, you can also send texts, photos and screenshots from your pc to your mobile.

8. Turn of the lights

Turn off the lights

This is very handy and simple extension. If you watch more videos on pc, Turn off the lights extension will dim overall light of your display except the video. This button is situated at right corner of address bar, where you can simply turn it on or off light of screen. This will reduce strain on your eyes and will give more comfortable viewing experience.