Friday, March 31, 2017

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi! is it any tasty food?No, The respberry Pi is very smallest and cheapest computer you can buy.So lets know more about The Respberry Pi.

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is the device that is ultra small computer. It is very smallest and cheapest device ever available in the market.This device is made with educational purpose in mind,so that any student or person can buy this device easily.This device is made in such a way that anyone afford this tiny computer ie. Raspberry Pi.This device is great for 2 reasons, first it gives cheap access to computer and second it is great tool to learn more about computer.

     So exactly how cheap they are?Any guesses?Well,there are many generations of Raspberry Pi in the market and their price also vary according to their generations.Currently it is available on Amazon at $25 to $35 means around Rs.2000 to Rs.3000. This price can be easily affordable to everyone.

Lets know more about what Raspberry Pi has.On board you get HDMI port,RCA video out,2 USB ports,SD card port,a head phone jack and Ethernet port.The board itself has Ram and an onboard ARM processor like our mobile phones.Nowdays Android phones also have ARM processor.
No matter how its look but it gives best performance and works flawlessly.It is portable machine that you can carry anywhere in your pocket.

Raspberry Pi working
Photo Credit-Pixabay

How does The Raspberry Pi works?

Here is how Raspberry Pi works, an SD card inserted into slot on th board play role as hard disk drive for device.It is powered by USB cord and has video output RCA can connect to Tv or Monitor.It gives your all basic functions of normal computer. It has very low power consumption about 3 watts.This is simple board and have to configure manually.

     Now I have covered what is Raspberry Pi and what features it comes with.Exactly what we can do with this portable machine?

      The answer is much more. You can do anything you wants to do with this device. There are some projects like wireless speakers,media center and personal web server too. You can also download operating system for The Raspberry Pi called as Raspbian. You can run OS like Mac,Windows,Linux on this low consumption device.

1. Raspberry Pi is cheap and portable computer machine.

2. It was developed with educational purpose in mind .

3. It is made in such a way that everyone can afford this tiny computer.

4. It is versatile computer capable of doing everything you want to do.

5. If you are looking for something for programming or tech project then Raspberry Pi is the best option to startup.
If you wanted know more about its Design,Setup and how it works Go to the Video Link below👇


Saturday, March 25, 2017

What is Tor?


 What is Tor?

Tor is open source network that helps us to defend against traffic analysis, it is a form of network surveillance that threatens personal privacy and freedom,confidential secret activities and state security.
Tor protects you by bouncing you communication around a distributed network run by volunteers all around the world.It prevents somebody watching your internet connection from learning what websites you visit and also hide your physical location.

Need of Tor?

Tor protects you against traffic analysis.Traffic analysis is used to intend who is talking to whom over knowing the source and destination of your web traffic allows others to track your activities and interests.

Tor helps to reduce risk of both simple and sophisticated traffic analysis by distributing your transaction over multiple places on internet.therfore no single point can link you to your destination.This idea is very twisty and it erase your footprints periodically.Instead of taking direct route from source to destination it create twisty route.Tor create private network pathway for user and connection get encrypted in the network.

Using Tor is legal or illegal?

Using Tor to browse content on internet is not illegal.Downloading through is also ok but hiding your IP,browsing history and your physical location is not legal,its illegal.Many of us use Tor for anonymity because they are doing something illegal.

Tor help you to access dark/deep web

The Dark web is encrypted network and it lies between Tor servers and client.Where Deep web is the content of database and other web services that for one reason or another cannot be indexed by search engines.
But be careful while using the Deep/Dark Web.Using Dark/Deep Web is not illegal but accessing content on Dark Web is illegal.If you caught doing something illegal activities you will be in jail.Use use Tor for good purpose.So you need to reroute you IP address using Tor to use Dark/Deep Web.

Here you can download Tor project:-


What is PayPal Account and how does it works?

PayPal is one of popular payment service.PayPal allows consumer or merchant to transfer amount electronically.The idea behind this service is very simple,it uses software that allow people to do financial transactions between computers.Today everyone has opted this method to make financial transaction because PayPal is very safe method of online payment.

paypal account

...Things you can do with PayPal...

1. You can send or recieve money.

2. Can make payments for online auction at Ebay or other Ecommerce sites.

3. Exchange cash with someone.

Now in PayPal account user can set currency conversion option. If you are doing work from India and you get paid then related foreign country cannot deposit money directly into your bank account so for these purpose PayPal account is mandatory these days.

   If you have PayPal account then you can deposit and withdraw money in many ways. You can link your PayPal account with bank account,Credit or Debit cards for more transactions. Many other withdrawal options include using a PayPal debit card to make purchase or to withdraw cash from ATM.

PayPal is very easy and convinient way to make transactions. It is much simillar like any saving account but only the difference is PayPal is specially made for online transactions. So before you start using PayPal, first you need to make PayPal account to use service. Consider starting with a personal account, it do not charge for sending or recieving payments. According to your choice you can upgrade to Premier or Business account.

      So lets start Signup for your own PayPal account:-

PayPal account Setup tutorial here:- PayPal Account Setup Tutorial Click here.
                                               Thank You...


Saturday, March 18, 2017

4 Best Ways to Surf Internet Anonymously

Today everyone is using internet but everyone is very serious about their Privacy. Nowdays Cyber Crimes are increasing day by day thats why it is necessary to take some security actions so that no one can harm you online.
    So here in this article, Im going to tell you some tips so that you can browse and surf internet anonymously without getting harm on internet.

1. Using Softwares :

Today many softwares are available to fully customize your network connection, that create middle layer between you and your real network. It create virtual environment for user and their internet connection popularly knows as Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN connection is quit simillar to Wide Area Network (WAN). From user perspective extended network resources are accessed in the same way as resources available from the private network.

hotspot sheild

2.Using Tor Browser :

tor browser

Tor browser is one of best way to surf internet Anonymously.It changes your original IP address with IP address of some another location.No one will see your original IP when you are surfing internet.It is much simillar to Mozilla but Tor reduces speed of internet connection upto some extent because every site must be opened through the server of TOR. You can download Tor Browser from their Official Site here

3.  Set proxies in your own browser :

You all might have heard about Proxy. We set proxies in Internet Browser. Generally we use proxies when we need to use internet using some public Internet or WIFI or college etc.
     They have always secured their networks by using Proxy settings and if you want to access their network you must change Proxy setting in your browser according to their settings. You can also make your own Private Home Network by doing same things.

4. Using proxy sites :


If you dont want download any software or VPN for your system privacy, there is one way you can simply use Proxy Sites instead. You have to only one thing get desire URL and put into input box on Proxy site instead of your browser address bar.These sites offers you to surf internet anonymously and they also provide you access to those sites which are blocked in your network like office or college.Proxies have ablility to bypass the filters that restrict access to several sites.

1. hidemyass


7 things you can do with Google Assistant on Android

You have Google Assistant on your android phone,Now what to do with it?
Google is smartest system ever in the world and day by day they are making improving their ways to make our lives easier.Google assistant is much smiller to Android voice Command System.But along with all the overlap,Google assistant have some interesting features and new tricks.

First of all to find Assistant on your phone,press and hold your android device Home key.If you have got the upgraded version,you will see something like this on your phone.

1. Control your house

Google Assistant works with Smart house products.Open up Assistant and then press three-dot menu icon in right corner.Select settings and then tap on Home control and follow the prompts for adding new device.

2. Listen to news

Activate assistant and speak "Tell me the news"  to hear latest news headlines from your favorite source.If you want to customize outlets included,then just head into assistant settings and look up for News option.

3.Get your day started

Ask Google Assistant to tell you about your day to get overview of your agenda.Assistant can give you info about weather,work,upcoming meetings and any reminders.It can also track a news summary onto end of the rundown,in case of you need to know something.Go to the "My Day" section of Assistant's setting to take control.

4. Interaction with products and servcies

IFTTT is most powerful Web based tool to make all online services interact with each other.There are lots of things you can do with it and Google Assistant create custom commands to RIng a phone,Turn on Tv like that.You can get all ideas on Google Assistant page and you can create your own "to-do list".

5. Play game

No everyone can be more productive all time.Google Assistant knows this,so its got some fun games standing by and ready for your next bout of incurable boredom.
If you are getting bored,Need something to do?tell Assistant to "Play game" and it will give you an overview option.If you are really bored,you can ask asistant to guess the number your are thinking of too.

6. Try number tricks

Google always been able to flip a coin or roll a die for you and it can be possible with Assistant,you can also now ask to give random number.also Assistant can count up or down between any digits you like;just tell it to count from 1 to 10,count from 20 to 0 whatever parameter count you want.

7.Entertain yourself with songs,rhymes etc

Try to say some of these things to your Google Assistant.
1.Serenade me
2.Birthday song
3.Beatbox for me
4.Recite Poem


WiFire - Get Connected to Free WiFi wherever you are


WiFire connects you to the best public WiFi hotspots around you with a single tap you not need to enter passwords or fill web forms. Stay connected to WiFi wherever you go!WiFire makes it possible to stay seamlessly connected to public WiFi networks wherever you go. Not need to type in passwords or fumble around trying to find a good network on your settings screen. WiFire pops up notifications whenever it can connect you to a public WiFi hotspot in our growing database. It even logs you in by filling out those cumbersome web forms and plugging in One-Time Passwords automatically!


Friday, March 17, 2017

Download Youtube videos without software

Its been a big task for some people downloading videos from Youtube.Conequently, I discovered new trick to download Youtube videos without any software or without installing any plugins.This method works on any platform like Android,Windows,Mac,etc.You just need to follow some steps below
      So lets begin.

Step 1. Go to Youtube and Open the video you wish to download.

download youtube videos without software

Step 2. Now go to the address bar and add "ss" before yotube ie. in front of "y" in Youtube.

Your URL will be like this=

Step 3. Click enter and this opens a new webpage that has different formats of video you want to download like mp4,FLV,3GP etc.

Step 4. Now select Format you want and video will begins to download automatically.Thats it

Alternative:- There is another method you can download youtube videos. Just open site and in the URL box copy paste video link there and hit enter button.You will get to see different format select one them and start downloading.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Smartphone Photography tips

smartphone photography

1. The Light

The light is the most important factor in the recipe of Photography.It plays crucial role in the process of photography.So look for the Light while capturing photos,intesity of light must be more to get better click, it is the constant process of visualisation in mind and actively sleek out.
     Sun is the natural source of light,we should learn how to interact with the scene you want take photo is the key to realising the photograph that you want to take.Before capturing any photograph learn about light at that place,also feel the light and learn it mentally.Look for something interesting in that scene that light reveals.
         Carefully observe the direction of light.First imagine and know what is going to happen and get set to take perfect shot.

2. HDR

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.It is difference between the Lightest Light and Darket Dark of composition.But when range get exceeded ,photograpgh aspects blown out.Highlights become wash out and shadows simply become ugly marks.HDR enhance your photograph,it highlights everything in your picture.
        It is the perfect combination of Highlights and Shadow.Both Shadow and Highlights of photograph are complementing each others as they are exposed properly.Photographs taken with HDR mode much finer.It is modern technique of shooting.this is why photograpghs looks best,most focused and colourful.

3. Use Flash

The use of Flash make photograph very bright,specially close up pictures look super cool.Flash gives you grim shadow that make picture by drawing your eyes into the dramatic colours of picture.
Flash should be use in Low Light conditons as it is main intention to fill area with the light to reveal other objects hidden in the darkness.Dont forget your flash range,stay 5 steps away from the object.

4. Use Manual Settings

Go manual on your smartphone.It has amazing features that blow your mind.Get creative mind and use them.Dont use default settings on your phone,use manual settings so you will be able to learn your own styles.Play with the white balance,saturation,contrast,sharpness and ISO to get beautiful photograph.