Saturday, March 18, 2017

4 Best Ways to Surf Internet Anonymously

Today everyone is using internet but everyone is very serious about their Privacy. Nowdays Cyber Crimes are increasing day by day thats why it is necessary to take some security actions so that no one can harm you online.
    So here in this article, Im going to tell you some tips so that you can browse and surf internet anonymously without getting harm on internet.

1. Using Softwares :

Today many softwares are available to fully customize your network connection, that create middle layer between you and your real network. It create virtual environment for user and their internet connection popularly knows as Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN connection is quit simillar to Wide Area Network (WAN). From user perspective extended network resources are accessed in the same way as resources available from the private network.

hotspot sheild

2.Using Tor Browser :

tor browser

Tor browser is one of best way to surf internet Anonymously.It changes your original IP address with IP address of some another location.No one will see your original IP when you are surfing internet.It is much simillar to Mozilla but Tor reduces speed of internet connection upto some extent because every site must be opened through the server of TOR. You can download Tor Browser from their Official Site here

3.  Set proxies in your own browser :

You all might have heard about Proxy. We set proxies in Internet Browser. Generally we use proxies when we need to use internet using some public Internet or WIFI or college etc.
     They have always secured their networks by using Proxy settings and if you want to access their network you must change Proxy setting in your browser according to their settings. You can also make your own Private Home Network by doing same things.

4. Using proxy sites :


If you dont want download any software or VPN for your system privacy, there is one way you can simply use Proxy Sites instead. You have to only one thing get desire URL and put into input box on Proxy site instead of your browser address bar.These sites offers you to surf internet anonymously and they also provide you access to those sites which are blocked in your network like office or college.Proxies have ablility to bypass the filters that restrict access to several sites.

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