Saturday, March 18, 2017

7 things you can do with Google Assistant on Android

You have Google Assistant on your android phone,Now what to do with it?
Google is smartest system ever in the world and day by day they are making improving their ways to make our lives easier.Google assistant is much smiller to Android voice Command System.But along with all the overlap,Google assistant have some interesting features and new tricks.

First of all to find Assistant on your phone,press and hold your android device Home key.If you have got the upgraded version,you will see something like this on your phone.

1. Control your house

Google Assistant works with Smart house products.Open up Assistant and then press three-dot menu icon in right corner.Select settings and then tap on Home control and follow the prompts for adding new device.

2. Listen to news

Activate assistant and speak "Tell me the news"  to hear latest news headlines from your favorite source.If you want to customize outlets included,then just head into assistant settings and look up for News option.

3.Get your day started

Ask Google Assistant to tell you about your day to get overview of your agenda.Assistant can give you info about weather,work,upcoming meetings and any reminders.It can also track a news summary onto end of the rundown,in case of you need to know something.Go to the "My Day" section of Assistant's setting to take control.

4. Interaction with products and servcies

IFTTT is most powerful Web based tool to make all online services interact with each other.There are lots of things you can do with it and Google Assistant create custom commands to RIng a phone,Turn on Tv like that.You can get all ideas on Google Assistant page and you can create your own "to-do list".

5. Play game

No everyone can be more productive all time.Google Assistant knows this,so its got some fun games standing by and ready for your next bout of incurable boredom.
If you are getting bored,Need something to do?tell Assistant to "Play game" and it will give you an overview option.If you are really bored,you can ask asistant to guess the number your are thinking of too.

6. Try number tricks

Google always been able to flip a coin or roll a die for you and it can be possible with Assistant,you can also now ask to give random number.also Assistant can count up or down between any digits you like;just tell it to count from 1 to 10,count from 20 to 0 whatever parameter count you want.

7.Entertain yourself with songs,rhymes etc

Try to say some of these things to your Google Assistant.
1.Serenade me
2.Birthday song
3.Beatbox for me
4.Recite Poem



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