Thursday, March 16, 2017

Smartphone Photography tips

smartphone photography

1. The Light

The light is the most important factor in the recipe of Photography.It plays crucial role in the process of photography.So look for the Light while capturing photos,intesity of light must be more to get better click, it is the constant process of visualisation in mind and actively sleek out.
     Sun is the natural source of light,we should learn how to interact with the scene you want take photo is the key to realising the photograph that you want to take.Before capturing any photograph learn about light at that place,also feel the light and learn it mentally.Look for something interesting in that scene that light reveals.
         Carefully observe the direction of light.First imagine and know what is going to happen and get set to take perfect shot.

2. HDR

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.It is difference between the Lightest Light and Darket Dark of composition.But when range get exceeded ,photograpgh aspects blown out.Highlights become wash out and shadows simply become ugly marks.HDR enhance your photograph,it highlights everything in your picture.
        It is the perfect combination of Highlights and Shadow.Both Shadow and Highlights of photograph are complementing each others as they are exposed properly.Photographs taken with HDR mode much finer.It is modern technique of shooting.this is why photograpghs looks best,most focused and colourful.

3. Use Flash

The use of Flash make photograph very bright,specially close up pictures look super cool.Flash gives you grim shadow that make picture by drawing your eyes into the dramatic colours of picture.
Flash should be use in Low Light conditons as it is main intention to fill area with the light to reveal other objects hidden in the darkness.Dont forget your flash range,stay 5 steps away from the object.

4. Use Manual Settings

Go manual on your smartphone.It has amazing features that blow your mind.Get creative mind and use them.Dont use default settings on your phone,use manual settings so you will be able to learn your own styles.Play with the white balance,saturation,contrast,sharpness and ISO to get beautiful photograph.



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