Saturday, March 25, 2017

What is PayPal Account and how does it works?

PayPal is one of popular payment service.PayPal allows consumer or merchant to transfer amount electronically.The idea behind this service is very simple,it uses software that allow people to do financial transactions between computers.Today everyone has opted this method to make financial transaction because PayPal is very safe method of online payment.

paypal account

...Things you can do with PayPal...

1. You can send or recieve money.

2. Can make payments for online auction at Ebay or other Ecommerce sites.

3. Exchange cash with someone.

Now in PayPal account user can set currency conversion option. If you are doing work from India and you get paid then related foreign country cannot deposit money directly into your bank account so for these purpose PayPal account is mandatory these days.

   If you have PayPal account then you can deposit and withdraw money in many ways. You can link your PayPal account with bank account,Credit or Debit cards for more transactions. Many other withdrawal options include using a PayPal debit card to make purchase or to withdraw cash from ATM.

PayPal is very easy and convinient way to make transactions. It is much simillar like any saving account but only the difference is PayPal is specially made for online transactions. So before you start using PayPal, first you need to make PayPal account to use service. Consider starting with a personal account, it do not charge for sending or recieving payments. According to your choice you can upgrade to Premier or Business account.

      So lets start Signup for your own PayPal account:-

PayPal account Setup tutorial here:- PayPal Account Setup Tutorial Click here.
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