Friday, March 31, 2017

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi! is it any tasty food?No, The respberry Pi is very smallest and cheapest computer you can buy.So lets know more about The Respberry Pi.

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is the device that is ultra small computer. It is very smallest and cheapest device ever available in the market.This device is made with educational purpose in mind,so that any student or person can buy this device easily.This device is made in such a way that anyone afford this tiny computer ie. Raspberry Pi.This device is great for 2 reasons, first it gives cheap access to computer and second it is great tool to learn more about computer.

     So exactly how cheap they are?Any guesses?Well,there are many generations of Raspberry Pi in the market and their price also vary according to their generations.Currently it is available on Amazon at $25 to $35 means around Rs.2000 to Rs.3000. This price can be easily affordable to everyone.

Lets know more about what Raspberry Pi has.On board you get HDMI port,RCA video out,2 USB ports,SD card port,a head phone jack and Ethernet port.The board itself has Ram and an onboard ARM processor like our mobile phones.Nowdays Android phones also have ARM processor.
No matter how its look but it gives best performance and works flawlessly.It is portable machine that you can carry anywhere in your pocket.

Raspberry Pi working
Photo Credit-Pixabay

How does The Raspberry Pi works?

Here is how Raspberry Pi works, an SD card inserted into slot on th board play role as hard disk drive for device.It is powered by USB cord and has video output RCA can connect to Tv or Monitor.It gives your all basic functions of normal computer. It has very low power consumption about 3 watts.This is simple board and have to configure manually.

     Now I have covered what is Raspberry Pi and what features it comes with.Exactly what we can do with this portable machine?

      The answer is much more. You can do anything you wants to do with this device. There are some projects like wireless speakers,media center and personal web server too. You can also download operating system for The Raspberry Pi called as Raspbian. You can run OS like Mac,Windows,Linux on this low consumption device.

1. Raspberry Pi is cheap and portable computer machine.

2. It was developed with educational purpose in mind .

3. It is made in such a way that everyone can afford this tiny computer.

4. It is versatile computer capable of doing everything you want to do.

5. If you are looking for something for programming or tech project then Raspberry Pi is the best option to startup.
If you wanted know more about its Design,Setup and how it works Go to the Video Link below👇



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