Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bypass Android Pattern or Password

bypass android lock
How to Bypass Android lock pattern or password?

The main reason behind set up pattern or password lock on your Android is to keep privacy of your data. To avoid strangers or your friends to check out your personal data like messages,photos or some kind of sensitive data. Suppose you want to access someone's phone to check out something or there is possibility that you could forget your own Android pattern or passcode, right? In this case what to do?

In any case if you want to get full access of someone's phone or you forgot your password dont get panic. Without getting frustrated you could easily unlock Android and can access full phone, you just need to follow some steps to get full access of android. So lets see what you can do to unlock android.

A. Unlock Android with Android Device Manager:-

You can follow this method if you have forgot your own lock pattern or passcode of your Android.For this method Android Device manager should be enabled on your device.

1. Go to browser on your laptop/pc and visit to

2. Sign in with Gmail account  which is also linked to your Android Device.

3. Now select your device in Android device manager.

4. Then select Lock.

5. In the new popup window, enter a temporary password and then again click on Lock.

6. You should see confirmation box with the buttons ie. Ring, Lock and Erase.

7. Now you should see password  field window on your android in which you have to enter that temporary pasword.

8. This would Unlock your phone but before go to the settings and disable the temporary password.Thats it!

android device manager

B. Unlock phone by Resetting phone to factory settings:-

If above method dosent work for you or you want to access someone's phone there is another method ie. resetting phone to factory settings. This can be done in the Recovery mode. You cant get full access of vicitm phone by wiping out data o android. To reset mobile to factory settings you just need to follow few steps in order to unlock the phone.

1. Power off your device.

2. Then press volume down button and power button simultaneously. Your device will enter into the bootloader.

3. To scroll up or down use volume button to choose desire option. Look for Recovery Mode into bootloader and then press power button to enter Recovery mode.

4. Then go down until you see Wipe data/Factory reset, select it and press power button again to proceed.

5. Now using volume button go down and select "yes-erase all user data". and finally pres power button, it will start resetting your phone.

6. Once process is done, go to reboot option and press power button. Device will be reboot and device will start again. Thats all! Now you can access victims phone.

This are 2 easy steps you can bypass Android lock pattern/password very easily.Try them and Enjoy!

android bootloader


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon just launched its  new Streaming device to India that is Amazon Fire Tv Stick . People in India were eagerly waiting for this Fire tv launch.It has been hit US and competing with other streaming devices like Roku,Chromecast etc.Basically Amazon Fire tv is available in 2 forms, First as stick and second one is Tv Box. Amazon Fire Tv stick and Amazon Fire Tv are not different and Run on Android based version.Currently only Fire TV stick available in India, Amazon will launch Fire Tv Box soon.

Amazon Fire TV stick

From many months Amazon was thinking to launch its Fire Tv device in India and Finally today they launched Fire tv to India at Rs.3999.In US The Amazon Fire tv stick is available for $40 and we were expecting price to be Rs.2000 to Rs.2500 .For Non-Prime subscriber, the price of Fire tv stick is Rs.3999. It is perfect for Amazon Prime Members because they get unlimited access to Amazon Prime Video,Bollywood Blockbusters,Tv shows at no extra cost in addition they are getting Rs.500 cashback. For those who are non-Prime members they get Free Amazon Prime Video subsription for 1 year. Amazon will sell Fire tv sticks at Chroma and Digital Stores in some selected cities in India.

Amazon Fire TV stick

 Amazon Fire tv  stick run on baked version of android. It is powered by Quadcore Processor and comes with 1GB Ram. The main feature of Fire Tv stick is presence of Voice Command enabled Remote. It is a simple media streaming device that works like Chromecast. Amazon may tie up with some Indian partners like Voot,Hotstar etc for offering streaming of famous Tv channels on their Fire Tv device. Fire Tv stick is not going to replace your Dishtv remote.

Amazon Fire TV stick

If you dont want to miss any episode when you are away from home then Amazon Fire TV Stick is the perfect device for you. It works with any HDTV so you can take it to anywhere like friend's home or to Hotels.Just Plug and Play.All you need is WiFi connection for this.

Book your Amazon Fire TV stick  Here


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

BHIM App -Reffer And Earn Scheme

BHIM App cashback offer
To grow Digital Payments further,PM Narendra modi launched Refer and Earn offer for using BHIM app. It stands for Bharat Interface for Money App. Modi said if you introduce BHIM app to 1 person, you will get a cashback of Rs.10 means if you refer BHIM app to 20 person then you can earn Rs.200. This is developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and this Aadhar linked BHIM app is based on Unified Payment Interface (UPI).BHIM app was launched by PM in December 2016 for facilitating electronic payment by customers.Cashback offer is launched to encourage people to use BHIM app for electroic payments.

Under this Refer and Earn offer, both the exciting user who is refferencing BHIM app and the new user who adopts BHIM app will get cash bonus of Rs.10 credired directly to their bank account.There is also Cashback offer for Merchants who will get some cashback on every transaction made with BHIM app.This scheme will continue till October 2017.

How to earn referal Bonus?

Referral Bonus Scheme is to get more people to use BHIM app for electronic payment and asking them to do transaction with other using BHIM or by refferncing new user.Both will be paid the existing user who is reffering and the new user.The referral will be consider successful only after 3 unique  financial transaction by new user.


To use BHIM App Referral Program follow the steps below-

1. Launch BHIM app.
2. Go to your dashboard and find referral link.
3. Share it with your friends ask them to download BHIM app through your referral link.
4. You will be paid once they download BHIM App on their mobile.

Under this Cashback scheme user can earn upto Rs.300 per month.This offer is valid upto October 2017 so get ready to earn more nd more. PM Narendra Modi's BHIM App can make some richer in this summer.Pm especially appealed to yougsters to take benefit of this opportunity during summer vacation this years.Push Digital Payment further and help govt to help them out.Thank You.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Earn Money By Clicking Ads

In this world everyone is interested in earning money,there are so many ways to earn money online like Blogging,Affiliate Marketing etc.Have you heard Paid to Click (PTC) service?You can earn around 50$ to 100$ by working 5-10 minutes per day.I know cant believe this but Yes its true.
There are several Top PTC sites you can join,get assured hundred of ads and other earning offers and regular payments.All of this sites have great payment history and positive reviews from customers.There is list of some genuine sites which pays for clicking their ads are as follows.

1. Neobux

PTC paid to click

Neobux is one of the best site which pays genuinely pays users for clicking ads,participating in different games and by some refferal program.If you have more refferal and spending more time you can earn just need to spend some time and required no knowledge to do this work.

Per click: $0.001
Per Ref click: $0.005
Max refferals: Unlimited
Min Pay: $2
Pay Via: PayPal/Payza

2. Clixsense

PTC paid to click

Clixsense is another top famous site for PTC which also genuinely pays for clicking ads.Just by clicking ads,playing games,participation in survey and refferal programs.So be active daily and you will get better results.

Per click: $0.02
Per Ref click: $0.008
Max refferals: Unlimited
Min Pay: $8
Pay Via: Payza

3. GTP Planet

PTC paid to click

Like Neobux and Clixsense this is also best PTC site which pays for clicking ads and other programs.By doing all this daily you can earn more money.
Per click: $0.01
Per Ref click: 40%
Max refferals: Unlimited
Min Pay: $2
Pay Via: PayPal/Payza

4. Buxp

PTC paid to click

Buxp also pays for clicking ads.It offers different types of method for earning such as ad clicking,traffic exchange,etc

Per click: $0.02
Per Ref click: 50%
Max refferals: 200
Min Pay: $6.99
Pay Via: PayPal/Payza

How to increase earning from PTC sites?

All PTC sites pays around $0.001 to $0.1 for every ad you click.So there are few ways you optimize your earning on PTC sites.What are this ways?

1. Login everday without fail and click all available ads.
2. Login 2 to 3 times in same day to get chance for more ads
3. Get premium membership to get more earning for more ads.
4. Get into refferal program.

Direct refferal program is the greatest way to earn more with PTC sites.Apart from clicking ads you can also earn through different tasks available on your dashboard.
The above sites are very genuine which pays for clicking ads.You just need to be active daily and refer as many members you can.Thats it for this article thank you.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Free Digital Marketing Training by Google's Digital Unlocked Initiative

Sundar Pichai CEO of Google was on short trip to India, In that trip he announced The Digital Unlocked -an Initiative for Small And Medium businesses (SMB) in India.According to Sundar Pichai SMB plays an important role in India's Economy, there are about 51 millions of small and medium businesses in India and many of them are not online yet.Sundar Pichai believes that being online this all businesses will reach on local as well as global level.

The idea of the Digital Unlocked Initiative is to improve or to unlock Digital skills of Indians who are backbone of Indian Economy.This intiative course is available in both manner Online as well as Offline which you can take part of and add value to your digital knowledge.

digital marketing

For this reasons Pichai launch Digital Unlocked, a training program for small and medium business owners in India that will empower them essential skills to help them get online and start using Internet to grow their business.This initiative program is built across 3 modes online,offline and mobile.The offline training is being conducted in partnership with FICCI for next 3 years,around 5000 workshops will be held in 40 different cities in India.The online training has set of 90 video tutorial along with some activities.It is specially builted for Indians and is available free of cost.

In advance Google has launched Primmer mobile app to teach Digital Marketing in easy and quick way.This is app is availble on both platform Android and iOS as well.It also works offline and currently available in English and Hindi.

Google has taken a very important step to empower SMB's in India.Here are few things you should know about Digital Unlocked Initiative-

1. Digital Unlocked is launched to help 51 millions of small-medium businesses in India to go Online.

2. This Initiative provide both online and offline training and certification under this program.

3. This training includes guidence like how to go online,need to be online,various digital marketing platform such as SEO,use of search ads,Organic traffic etc.

4. Google has partnership with Federation of India for commerce Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry that is FICCI.

5. Google also has launched Primer app to provide training.This app will teach you how develop SMB online.It works online and offline also.

6. Google has its offline centers in Chandigarh,Haridwar,Jaipur,Bhuvneshwar,Jalandar etc.

7. Google will conduct 5000 workshops in 40 different cities for next 3 years.

8. Currently there are 23 topics related to Digital Marketing and adding on new topics as required.

9. Google has also announced a free tool that will launch in in upcoming year called "My Business Website.This tool will provide simple,editable websites for businesses.

What is importance of Digital Unlocked Initiative?

Small and Medium businesses those who are not online yet will be benefited with this project and bounds with Digital Unlocked.This program will definately help all business owners to increase profit and to reach business on local as well as global level.

Because of this project all small medium businesses will get know the true power of going online.They not only will understand advantages but will also able to earn more.Digital Unlocked will help to improve backbone of Indian Economy.

Any one with Internet access can join this Digital Marketing Training by signing up here:

I personally recommend you all to take part in this Digital Marketing Training because it is free of charge program,it has Certification and that maybe beneficial at the time of your Job Interview.


Friday, April 7, 2017

Why you should stop using Facebook Auto liker Tool

Auto facebook liker
Facebook is the top most social networking site which help us to connect with over friends,relatives.According to facebook policies we can add only 5000 friends to our account which is very large count.But normally we have only 300-500 people on facebook are those to whom we meet daily or we known them personally.Most of people send requests to unknown people to increase their friendlist count or to get more followers.Actually this is big mistake.

 In this fame world everyone want to get famous,everyone wants to show-off and Facebook is the biggest and popular platform to do such things.Most of us judge people on the basis of likes we get on facebook and everytime its not true.

In the last 2-3 years,use of Autoliker tool has rise much.For user it is like Like Booster Rocket,So lets know about how Autoliker works and their disadvantages.Lets start!

What is Facebok Autoliker?How does it works?

Autoliker is nothing but one tool on internet that help you to get more likes on your facebook status,photos etc.actually it is website.Now you may wonder how does it works?

It one strategy on which this works.Lets consider there are 10 people using autoliker and you also get registered for autoliker website for then all other 10 users will automatically like your status,video or photos.NExt time the sum of users will be 11.Each time new user is added,a new like for your status or photo generated from his side and this cycle goes on and on.We can say that "Like For Like" Strategy.

now next,we all know that Facebook app and generally we use it to login with other social sites like Instagram etc.Autoliker do the same thing,They use facebook app to collect user data.When new person register to autoliker,autoliker ask permission to access your facebook account.

 There are many apps that generate one time acces tokens that includes combinations of numbers,alphabets and symbols and after that it expire.It create token for your facebook password not exact but it is similler to your password.

Why not to use Autoliker?

1. You lose your Reputation on Facebook.

Autoliker has become very famous in last 4 years,everyone knows about this tool and many of us use them.Just tell your me friend was getting 50-60 likes on facebook and now suddenly he is getting around 200+ likes on his photo or status.Definately there is something wrong and it is because of autoliker tool.This can be detect easily,So do you still have respect for such person?Obviously not.THis is how you will lose your Reputation and Respect from others.

2. You are Spammer

Would you ever like to heard that you are Spammer?No way you will feel very bad.When you use Autoliker,it promote itself or automatically share like their add,photo or link on your account,your friends timeline and this will happen in name of your account.So directly or indirectly you are disobeying or spoiling Facebook Policies.
 Now ask one question yourself would like to become Spammer?Even after knowing this such things did like to join "Spammer" word after your name?if not then immediatelty stop doing this things.

3. You are Hacked..Maybe

I have already mentioned that,Autoliker make use of app access token for login and this tokens are treated as your password.Im not saying exact password but is much similler to your password.Facebook also display message like "Security Warning! Please treat the above URl as you would your password and then share it with anyone" it happens when you request faceook for access Token
This is warning from Facebook.So why use them if it was officially warned to you?These are the clear sign and much enough proof that your account is hacked.

4.You will be Banned by Facebook

Facebook is very strict about its policies and also very strict against Spammer and Fake accounts.In last few year facebook has taken major steps to stop such things.They have very clear perspective that making user friendly environment for people for successful online Business and Facebook like companu understand this much.

Here is the list of some major steps Facebook can take agaist Spammers and those who are spoiliong Facebook Policies.

1. Permanent Disable of Account
2. Temporary block from posting anything on Facebook.
3. Block from liking and commenting on others status or photos

After knowing this would like to take risk?Not at all...


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mi Rs. 1 Flash Sale On 6th April 2017 (10AM To 2PM)

Hello Xiaomi lovers,like every year Xiaomi gonna host another festival this year that is Mi Fan Festival 2017 (MFF2017).This festival will start on this Thursday 6th April and it is putting lots of devices and accessories in Mi Sale.They are also hosting Rs.1 sale on their Mi app,along with giving out goodies, bundle offers and putting up other products on sale.


        Xiaomi introducing Rs.1 sale to let user buy the Mi note 4 .It is App-only event,you must download Mi store app from Playstore and Register to be a part of Mi sale.This sale will begin at 10Am,in this sale they will place 20 Mi note 4 to grab.There is another sale at 2Pm in this 40 Mi Band 2 and 50 10000mAh Mi Power Banks will be up for grabs for Re. 1 as well.

      Before  sale, Xiaomi is also giving discount coupons for the Thursday's sale every day till Wednesday,April 5. The sale starts at 10am till the stock lasts, and the coupons are Rs. 50, Rs. 100, Rs. 200, and Rs. 500 discount on the purchase of accessories on the Mi Fan Festival Day.I recommend you to register on and the app, and fill in all the shipping and card to make fast order.
   For more information Go to Xiaomi Official Site at


Saturday, April 1, 2017

Recover Deleted Photo From Android

If you have ever removed photos or all photos had been deleted by mistake from your Android phone, Dont get panic.You can still recover back all deleted photos from your phone.I will show you simple method to recover all photos from your device with the help of FonePaw Android Data Recovery.

 FonePaw Android Data Recovery softwares recovers deleted files from android device.It not only recovers Photo but also Video,Music,SMS and Contacts from Android device.

It is great tool to recover lost data from android phones.You must have this tool that smoothly recovers all deleted files from your device with decent user interface.You just need to connect you phone to PC and give permission Android Data Recovery to scan device.It analyse your phone and recover lost files.It may take several minutes to detect all files of your android device.

The steps you have to follow:

Step 1. Connect your Android to PC

FonePaw Android Data Recovery

First you have to download FonePaw Android Data Recovery on your PC/Laptop. Then connect your phone with PC using USB cable.

Step 2. Allow for USB debugging

To allow USB debugging on android go to the developers option and allow USB Debugging.If you dont how to get this developers option follow the steps below

Go to settings>About phone>Build number and then Tap 7 times
on Build Number to enable Developers Option.

Step 3. Choose files to recover

 Android Data Recovery

After enabling USB debugging option on your android choose file type to recover like Photo,Video,Documents,Music etc and then click on next button.

Step 4. Analyze device and Give Root permission

 Android Data Recovery

In this step computer will analyse you phone and will try to get Root access.When Root permission window popup grant the permission.Once the program get root permission,it will start scanning your phone.It may take several time so be patient during process.

Android Data Recovery

Step 5. Preview the lost files and Recover them

 Android Data Recovery

Once scanning is done you will get to see Preview of your lost files.Then select files you wants to recover and click on Recover button.All deleted files will recover and saved on your computer hard drive.

Thats all☺

Download The FonePaw Data Recovery Tool at Download.

For the above data recovery method your Android phone should be Rooted otherwise this tool will not work anymore.


Download Torrent With IDM

torrent download

We can download Movies,Songs,Softwares Torrent files through Torrent download Manager like BitTorrent or Utorrent,But download speed of torrent file is totally depend on torrent health and seeding.If you have low seed then downloading can take more time or sometimes downloading fails,Intrupt.So the another way to download Torrent files is using Internet Download Manager(IDM).
       Nowdays with the help of Cloud Sharing websites,downloading torrent files is easier.Torrent Catching Sites download Torrent files on their server and gives us link to download torrent over IDM.

         Here are few websites to download Torrent with IDM


Putdrive is online cloud downloader which download Torrent files with IDM.Putdrive is the best way to download Torrent as it has no speed limits for free user.Torrent can download Anonymously,that is your IP and other things are Hidden.It gives around 100GB for free users.

download torrent over IDM

Steps to download Torrent with PUTDRIVE

1. First go to Putdrive and Signup for it.
2. Now go to main page of Putdrive and upload Torrent file to putdrive and click Next.
3. It will take some time to catch Torrent file and gives you direct download link.
4. Now click on that link it will start downloading automatically in IDM.

There are many website that may help you to download Torrent over IDM,Putdrive is very easy reliable method to download Torrent file so I have explained only one method to you.You can try other websites to.

1. zbigz