Tuesday, April 18, 2017

BHIM App -Reffer And Earn Scheme

BHIM App cashback offer
To grow Digital Payments further,PM Narendra modi launched Refer and Earn offer for using BHIM app. It stands for Bharat Interface for Money App. Modi said if you introduce BHIM app to 1 person, you will get a cashback of Rs.10 means if you refer BHIM app to 20 person then you can earn Rs.200. This is developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and this Aadhar linked BHIM app is based on Unified Payment Interface (UPI).BHIM app was launched by PM in December 2016 for facilitating electronic payment by customers.Cashback offer is launched to encourage people to use BHIM app for electroic payments.

Under this Refer and Earn offer, both the exciting user who is refferencing BHIM app and the new user who adopts BHIM app will get cash bonus of Rs.10 credired directly to their bank account.There is also Cashback offer for Merchants who will get some cashback on every transaction made with BHIM app.This scheme will continue till October 2017.

How to earn referal Bonus?

Referral Bonus Scheme is to get more people to use BHIM app for electronic payment and asking them to do transaction with other using BHIM or by refferncing new user.Both will be paid the existing user who is reffering and the new user.The referral will be consider successful only after 3 unique  financial transaction by new user.


To use BHIM App Referral Program follow the steps below-

1. Launch BHIM app.
2. Go to your dashboard and find referral link.
3. Share it with your friends ask them to download BHIM app through your referral link.
4. You will be paid once they download BHIM App on their mobile.

Under this Cashback scheme user can earn upto Rs.300 per month.This offer is valid upto October 2017 so get ready to earn more nd more. PM Narendra Modi's BHIM App can make some richer in this summer.Pm especially appealed to yougsters to take benefit of this opportunity during summer vacation this years.Push Digital Payment further and help govt to help them out.Thank You.



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