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Bypass Android Pattern or Password

bypass android lock
How to Bypass Android lock pattern or password?

The main reason behind set up pattern or password lock on your Android is to keep privacy of your data. To avoid strangers or your friends to check out your personal data like messages,photos or some kind of sensitive data. Suppose you want to access someone's phone to check out something or there is possibility that you could forget your own Android pattern or passcode, right? In this case what to do?

In any case if you want to get full access of someone's phone or you forgot your password dont get panic. Without getting frustrated you could easily unlock Android and can access full phone, you just need to follow some steps to get full access of android. So lets see what you can do to unlock android.

A. Unlock Android with Android Device Manager:-

You can follow this method if you have forgot your own lock pattern or passcode of your Android.For this method Android Device manager should be enabled on your device.

1. Go to browser on your laptop/pc and visit to

2. Sign in with Gmail account  which is also linked to your Android Device.

3. Now select your device in Android device manager.

4. Then select Lock.

5. In the new popup window, enter a temporary password and then again click on Lock.

6. You should see confirmation box with the buttons ie. Ring, Lock and Erase.

7. Now you should see password  field window on your android in which you have to enter that temporary pasword.

8. This would Unlock your phone but before go to the settings and disable the temporary password.Thats it!

android device manager

B. Unlock phone by Resetting phone to factory settings:-

If above method dosent work for you or you want to access someone's phone there is another method ie. resetting phone to factory settings. This can be done in the Recovery mode. You cant get full access of vicitm phone by wiping out data o android. To reset mobile to factory settings you just need to follow few steps in order to unlock the phone.

1. Power off your device.

2. Then press volume down button and power button simultaneously. Your device will enter into the bootloader.

3. To scroll up or down use volume button to choose desire option. Look for Recovery Mode into bootloader and then press power button to enter Recovery mode.

4. Then go down until you see Wipe data/Factory reset, select it and press power button again to proceed.

5. Now using volume button go down and select "yes-erase all user data". and finally pres power button, it will start resetting your phone.

6. Once process is done, go to reboot option and press power button. Device will be reboot and device will start again. Thats all! Now you can access victims phone.

This are 2 easy steps you can bypass Android lock pattern/password very easily.Try them and Enjoy!

android bootloader



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