Thursday, April 13, 2017

Earn Money By Clicking Ads

In this world everyone is interested in earning money,there are so many ways to earn money online like Blogging,Affiliate Marketing etc.Have you heard Paid to Click (PTC) service?You can earn around 50$ to 100$ by working 5-10 minutes per day.I know cant believe this but Yes its true.
There are several Top PTC sites you can join,get assured hundred of ads and other earning offers and regular payments.All of this sites have great payment history and positive reviews from customers.There is list of some genuine sites which pays for clicking their ads are as follows.

1. Neobux

PTC paid to click

Neobux is one of the best site which pays genuinely pays users for clicking ads,participating in different games and by some refferal program.If you have more refferal and spending more time you can earn just need to spend some time and required no knowledge to do this work.

Per click: $0.001
Per Ref click: $0.005
Max refferals: Unlimited
Min Pay: $2
Pay Via: PayPal/Payza

2. Clixsense

PTC paid to click

Clixsense is another top famous site for PTC which also genuinely pays for clicking ads.Just by clicking ads,playing games,participation in survey and refferal programs.So be active daily and you will get better results.

Per click: $0.02
Per Ref click: $0.008
Max refferals: Unlimited
Min Pay: $8
Pay Via: Payza

3. GTP Planet

PTC paid to click

Like Neobux and Clixsense this is also best PTC site which pays for clicking ads and other programs.By doing all this daily you can earn more money.
Per click: $0.01
Per Ref click: 40%
Max refferals: Unlimited
Min Pay: $2
Pay Via: PayPal/Payza

4. Buxp

PTC paid to click

Buxp also pays for clicking ads.It offers different types of method for earning such as ad clicking,traffic exchange,etc

Per click: $0.02
Per Ref click: 50%
Max refferals: 200
Min Pay: $6.99
Pay Via: PayPal/Payza

How to increase earning from PTC sites?

All PTC sites pays around $0.001 to $0.1 for every ad you click.So there are few ways you optimize your earning on PTC sites.What are this ways?

1. Login everday without fail and click all available ads.
2. Login 2 to 3 times in same day to get chance for more ads
3. Get premium membership to get more earning for more ads.
4. Get into refferal program.

Direct refferal program is the greatest way to earn more with PTC sites.Apart from clicking ads you can also earn through different tasks available on your dashboard.
The above sites are very genuine which pays for clicking ads.You just need to be active daily and refer as many members you can.Thats it for this article thank you.



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