Saturday, April 1, 2017

Download Torrent With IDM

torrent download

We can download Movies,Songs,Softwares Torrent files through Torrent download Manager like BitTorrent or Utorrent,But download speed of torrent file is totally depend on torrent health and seeding.If you have low seed then downloading can take more time or sometimes downloading fails,Intrupt.So the another way to download Torrent files is using Internet Download Manager(IDM).
       Nowdays with the help of Cloud Sharing websites,downloading torrent files is easier.Torrent Catching Sites download Torrent files on their server and gives us link to download torrent over IDM.

         Here are few websites to download Torrent with IDM


Putdrive is online cloud downloader which download Torrent files with IDM.Putdrive is the best way to download Torrent as it has no speed limits for free user.Torrent can download Anonymously,that is your IP and other things are Hidden.It gives around 100GB for free users.

download torrent over IDM

Steps to download Torrent with PUTDRIVE

1. First go to Putdrive and Signup for it.
2. Now go to main page of Putdrive and upload Torrent file to putdrive and click Next.
3. It will take some time to catch Torrent file and gives you direct download link.
4. Now click on that link it will start downloading automatically in IDM.

There are many website that may help you to download Torrent over IDM,Putdrive is very easy reliable method to download Torrent file so I have explained only one method to you.You can try other websites to.

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