Friday, April 7, 2017

Why you should stop using Facebook Auto liker Tool

Auto facebook liker
Facebook is the top most social networking site which help us to connect with over friends,relatives.According to facebook policies we can add only 5000 friends to our account which is very large count.But normally we have only 300-500 people on facebook are those to whom we meet daily or we known them personally.Most of people send requests to unknown people to increase their friendlist count or to get more followers.Actually this is big mistake.

 In this fame world everyone want to get famous,everyone wants to show-off and Facebook is the biggest and popular platform to do such things.Most of us judge people on the basis of likes we get on facebook and everytime its not true.

In the last 2-3 years,use of Autoliker tool has rise much.For user it is like Like Booster Rocket,So lets know about how Autoliker works and their disadvantages.Lets start!

What is Facebok Autoliker?How does it works?

Autoliker is nothing but one tool on internet that help you to get more likes on your facebook status,photos etc.actually it is website.Now you may wonder how does it works?

It one strategy on which this works.Lets consider there are 10 people using autoliker and you also get registered for autoliker website for then all other 10 users will automatically like your status,video or photos.NExt time the sum of users will be 11.Each time new user is added,a new like for your status or photo generated from his side and this cycle goes on and on.We can say that "Like For Like" Strategy.

now next,we all know that Facebook app and generally we use it to login with other social sites like Instagram etc.Autoliker do the same thing,They use facebook app to collect user data.When new person register to autoliker,autoliker ask permission to access your facebook account.

 There are many apps that generate one time acces tokens that includes combinations of numbers,alphabets and symbols and after that it expire.It create token for your facebook password not exact but it is similler to your password.

Why not to use Autoliker?

1. You lose your Reputation on Facebook.

Autoliker has become very famous in last 4 years,everyone knows about this tool and many of us use them.Just tell your me friend was getting 50-60 likes on facebook and now suddenly he is getting around 200+ likes on his photo or status.Definately there is something wrong and it is because of autoliker tool.This can be detect easily,So do you still have respect for such person?Obviously not.THis is how you will lose your Reputation and Respect from others.

2. You are Spammer

Would you ever like to heard that you are Spammer?No way you will feel very bad.When you use Autoliker,it promote itself or automatically share like their add,photo or link on your account,your friends timeline and this will happen in name of your account.So directly or indirectly you are disobeying or spoiling Facebook Policies.
 Now ask one question yourself would like to become Spammer?Even after knowing this such things did like to join "Spammer" word after your name?if not then immediatelty stop doing this things.

3. You are Hacked..Maybe

I have already mentioned that,Autoliker make use of app access token for login and this tokens are treated as your password.Im not saying exact password but is much similler to your password.Facebook also display message like "Security Warning! Please treat the above URl as you would your password and then share it with anyone" it happens when you request faceook for access Token
This is warning from Facebook.So why use them if it was officially warned to you?These are the clear sign and much enough proof that your account is hacked.

4.You will be Banned by Facebook

Facebook is very strict about its policies and also very strict against Spammer and Fake accounts.In last few year facebook has taken major steps to stop such things.They have very clear perspective that making user friendly environment for people for successful online Business and Facebook like companu understand this much.

Here is the list of some major steps Facebook can take agaist Spammers and those who are spoiliong Facebook Policies.

1. Permanent Disable of Account
2. Temporary block from posting anything on Facebook.
3. Block from liking and commenting on others status or photos

After knowing this would like to take risk?Not at all...



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