Saturday, May 20, 2017

Free Netflix Premium Accounts 2017


Netflix is an American Entertainment company founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Netflix provides best streaming services. It is best choice for people who love watching live streaming of Tv shows, music and movies on internet. For this service you have to pay small amount. Some people cannot afford premium membership of Netflix, they search on Google for Free Netflix account with password. If you are one of them then here's list of some Free Netflix Premium Account with their password working in 2017.

To get premium access of Netflix account to watch unlimited movies and TV shows check this all Free Netflix account and passwords. now you only need is internet connection with device like laptop, pc, Smartphones or tablet.

User Name                                      Password                            judefg                      qwerty7                      111961982              17737271888                           danbrown2                   casting8                       1234567                808730                    wglmet                     abhi34252             jerk5839                    uojlsd                     gatewaysTc        Shreyaio89                       woodpencilFiLL        rumblerK&                 mmwwio             iyMe$kl            WarrEn89

The above Netflix premium accounts are generated by Free Netflic Account generator tool. If above accounts and passwords doesn't work then you can take trail membership for one month.

How to get Free Netflix Account for one month?

1. First go to web browser of your device like Mobile, pc or tablet.

2. Then type and hit enter. Here

3. After that on Netflix page you can see JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH option and just click on that option to take free trail of Netflix account for one month.

Netflix plans

4. Then choose any plan you want. You are not going to pay any amount for this Netflix account because it is free trial for a one month.

5. Now enter Email id and password for Netflix registration and continue. Thats all for Free Netflix Trial.

Note - Cancel the subscription after one month in order to avoid billing. You can do this in your account.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

What is Ransomware? How to be safe?

What Is Ransomware?


What is Ransomware? Ransomware is type of malware that covertly get install on victims device like computer or smartphone. This malware hold victims device ransom by restricting access to the computer by locking  or encrypting data files on computer. Ransomware malware displays a ransom note and forces its victim to pay some ransom through online payment inorder to grant access to their system or provide key to decrypt all encrypted data on computer. This malware either restrict access to computer or encrypts files.


           When system is infected popup window appears on computer tells you to pay some money with countdown timer left on the window. If you fails to pay within given time, the fee will be doubled and if you fail to pay within deadline, you will lose all files forever. Payment is accepted only with BitCoin.

How to be safe from ransomware?

1. Backup your data

The thing that will prevent you from Ransomware is taking backup regularly. If you are infected with WannaCry Ransomware you may lost all files and will not able to recover them. Also Cryptolocker will encrypt all files on your computer. So better way regularly take backup of your data somewhere like External HardDrive or cloud, doing this your data will be safe.

2. Show hidden files extensions

Cryptolocker frequently arrives in a file the name with extension ".mp3.exe". This files cavertly installs on machine without knowing user. If you have habit to see full file extension you will be able to spot suspicious files on your computer.

3. Filter Exe attachment in Emails

If your email service provider has ability to filter EXE files you can easily deny mail with EXE files. You can filter out EXE files from your mails. Dont download any attachment file in your Email it may be a EXE file. So be careful while downloading any attachments in email ensure that it is from genuine source.

4. Cryptolocker Prevention kit

Cryptolocker prevention kit is the third party tool that prevent your data from encryption. It disable files running from App Data and Local App data folders and also disable executable files running from temp directory.

5. Disable Remote Desktop Protocol

Ransomware is the malware target machines using Remote Desktop Protocol. RDP is utility that allows others to access your machine remotely. So if you are using RDP immediately turn it off otherwise Cryptolocker will enter in your machine remotely.

6. Use Reputed Antivirus

It is always better to use good Antivirus software and it will help you to recognise threats or suspicious file. Malware author regularly send new variants, to try to avoid detection. Antivirus software is the best protection for such suspicious activity and threats. Also regularly update your virus defination of antivirus.

7. Disconnect from Wifi or LAN

If you run file that you thing it maybe Ransomware, but still you have not seen any popup window related to Ransom. Quickly disconnect you computer from Wifi or LAN, you might be able to stop communication with C&C server before it finish encrypting your data. If you disconnect yourself from network you will be safe. It take some time to encrypt files but if you succeed to stop encryption you might mitigate the damage.

That's all for this article. Thank You.


Thursday, May 11, 2017

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive

remove shortcut virus from pendrive

Shortcut virus is most popular virus and most of pendrives get affected with this type of virus. This virus causes all the files and folders get changed into shortcuts and original folders or files get hidden. If your pendrive has this virus and if you connect that pendrive to your or other pc it will also affect the files in computer. So how to get rid of this shortcut virus?

Lets learn how to remove shortcut virus from your pendrive or HardDisk. "Autorun.inf" is most common virus that found in pendrive and HardDisk. I'm gonna tell you 3 methods to remove this Shortcut Virus.

A. Remove Virus Using Command Promt

1. This is one of the succesful method to remove shortcut viruses.

2. First connect pendrive to your PC.

3. Then go to the Start > Run > Cmd.

4. Command Prompt window will open then in that Command Prompt window type : attrib -h -r -s /s /d X:\*.*  and hit Enter.( X is the letter of your Pendrive). Suppose your usb drive letter is H, then in the cmd type   attrib -h -r -s /s /d H:\*.*

remove shortcus virus using cmd

5. Then move all data from USB to your Pc.

6. And at last format your Pendrive.

That it. Your all shortcut viruses will be remove.

B. Using USB Fix Software


There are many softwares for removal of Shortcut Virus. But I'm using USB Fix software because it is simply great and works flawlessly. It is free and it will also restore the original files and folder that were hidden due to Shortcut virus. You can download this tool Here. just download this tool connect your Pendrive to PC and Run software. All viruses will be remove and your USB drive is free from infection.

To avoid such virus inection you should take some precautions as follows

1. Disable Autorun.

2. Keep Antivirus upto date.

3. Dont download anything from harmful and suspicious sites.

4. Be careful using USB drives in Public places like Cyber cafe, Computer lab, etc


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Save Webpages To PDF

covert webpages to pdf

Sometimes we save complete webpages to view them later, but this webpages get saved in .html format. Viewing webpages in PDF format is not bet way. PDF format is the best option for viewing saved webpages later.In this article I'm going to tell you how you can save all webpages in PDF format.

To save webpages in PDF format follow the steps below-

1. Open desired webpage that you want to save and load it completly.

2. Once your webpage loading is finished, press Ctrl+P.

covert webpages to pdf

3. You will see print option on your window. You can set your pdf according to your choice for saving.

4. Click on save and your webpage will saved in PDF format.

Thats it for this article. This is how you can save all webpages in PDF format.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Xiaomi Smartphones

Why choose Xiaomi?
3 years ago in 2014 Xiaomi launched it first android phone Mi3 in India. Its a Chinese company so there was nobody to buy Xiaomi's phone, because today everyone have been fed up with cheap and faulty chinese electronics products. Everyone was comparing Xiaomi's mobile with cheap and faulty chinese products.

But, Xiaomi proved everyones opinion Incorrect. They actually make amazing smartphones with great features and they are most reliable too. In just 5 years of establishment Xiaomi became top smartphone company in the world with its awesome features. Now Xiaomi is competing with Top brands Like Apple,Samsung,Huawei.

There is a myth about Xiaomi smartphones is Low Cost=Low Quality but this is not true. There are few features of Xiaomi that will blow your mind. There are few reasons why you should buy Xiaomi smartphones.

1. Low cost but great specifications

Every time question arises, why Xiaomi phones have low cost? But Xiaomi have good perspective in their mind. Xiaomi gives foremost importance to the pricing, their all smartphones are under 25k with great features. Price is the most important factor. Xiaomi sells their smartphones with great features and specification at low cost as compare to other companies like Apple,Samsung,etc, while other brands sells same specifications smartphones with double price.

Reason behind Xiaomi smartphones are so cheap-

1. Xiaomi dont waste money on advertising. They only do promotions on Social Media sites.They are depend on Social media and the appreciation from existing happy customers.

2. Xiaomi directly sell its product to customers through online shops. They dont have any offline store,no any distributors so no extra cost.
Xiaomi only spend money on building awesome smartphones so their smartphones have lost cost than other brands. Other brands spend too much money to promote their product,they do advertisements so obviously price increases behind that product. No any company will go in loss by spending too much money on advertisement they will recover all money through their product cost.

2. Better Hardware and Build Quality

Even though Xiaomi sell its smartphones at low prize but they never compromised with build quality and quality of hardware.


You can see other low cost smartphones runs on Mediatek Processor but Xiaomi smartphones only runs on Snapdragon processor,they are known as best smartphone processors.

Build quality:-

Xiaomi phone has high build quality. Both inner and outer material super strong and very stylish design. They are very slim nd sleek. I dropped my Mi 4i 3-4 times from decent height but still no any damage, there was only few scratches on screen nothing else.This is my personal experience.
 Try dropping iPhone from decent height I'm damn sure its display will break and cost for display replacement is around 15-20k.

4. Superb Camera Quality

Xiaomi camera

Xiaomi has excellent camera. Xiaomi provide 13 mega pixels of camera in just Rs.7000. You can take superb photos and record videos at 1080 pixel resolution. Also it has great Optical Image Stabilizer which founds in high ending devices like Apple,Samsung or LG.
If you are looking excellent camera quality in less price Xiaomi is the best option. It has very decent camera than any other devices.

4. MIUI- fully customised android OS


In the first Xiaomi was not smartphone maker they was started as software company. Xiaomi was providing custom Android OS ie. MIUI. Xiaomi was founded in 2010.
Xiaomi earned large popularity because of their highly custom android OS. It has many beautiful features that stock version lacks.

Why MIUI is special?

1. MIUI is highly customizable Android OS ever. It has its own theme store where you can get live themes,different fonts,ringtones etc. You can change everything from lock screen to even boot screen.

2. MIUI is very fast no matter how much it looks, you can easily navigate and can move easily to any app.

3. Security app in Xiaomi is very powerful. It has own antivirus, cleaner and other useful features. No any OS provide this much powerful security inbuilt app like Xiaomi.

4. MIUI firmware is regularly updated with new features and fixes bugs. MIUI has large no developers in the world who helps to make better. There is an MIUI forum where you can discuss your problem related to your Xiaomi device and can get solution for it.

5. Better Reliability

As I mentioned in above paragraph about bad reputation of chinese products. Still there is bad reputation for chinese electronics because no reliability and they use low quality material, But Xiaomi proved everyone Incorrect with their smartphones. They use high quality material in production of smartphones.

They never compromised with build quality even though price is low. All bugs and error fixed in every update. but still if you are facing some problem visit nearest service center or there MIUI forum where you can get fix easily.

6. warranty will not void on Rooting

This is unique feature of Xiaomi smartphones that you wont lose warranty even if your phone is rooted. Xiaomi smartphones have bootloader unlocked. If you brick your device by mistake during root process you can fix it to Xiaomi service center and you will be still under warranty period.
No other companies offer warranty after rooting like Xiaomi, it is first company to offer warranty after root.

7. Other Features

1. Sometimes it is annoying to have unnecessary preinstalled apps which we dont even use. They take lots of memeory space and we cannot remove them. This is called a Bloatwares. But there is no any Bloatware in Xiaomi devices we can manually remove all pre-installed apps easily. They have very few pre-installed apps like music,notes etc.

2. MIUI OS comes with an Dual apps feature. You can create dual app of any existing app like 2 Whatsapp, 2 hike, 2 facebook apps etc. and this feature works flawlessly without lagging.

3. Like PC you can create 2 users in Xiaomi smartphones, this feature is call Second Space. Using Second Space is like having 2 devices.

4. MIUI also has inbuilt App Lock feature so you dont need to download any third party app from Playstore to protect you privacy.

5. Like iPhones Xiaomi devices have Quick Ball feature. You can easily navigate through this Quick Ball, you just need to set some shortcuts in Quick Ball setting then you can quickly access to any app or setting.

Xiaomi devices have great specifications and performance, also they are highly reliable. Build quality is superb. They have low cost so anyone can afford this smartphones.If you are looking for all beautiful features then Xiaomi is the best smartphone ever.

Being Xiaomi fan I strongly recommend you to buy Xiaomi smartphones.