Saturday, June 10, 2017

How to make programs run faster on computer with less RAM

make programs runs faster on computer with less ram

Today we use devices like PC, Smartphones or any smart gadgets. In them RAM is very important component, it is Random Access Memory. RAM is very essential part of computer which has faster data read and write speed than other storage components like SSD or HDD.

Speed of device is depend on size of RAM and thats why moderns PC and smartphone comes with more RAM size for superior performance purpose like for High end gaming, Designing and faster multitasking. Ram is important for running big games or heavy softwares on a PC, but you cannot install more RAM's on PC. Your system should support this. For ex if your PC supports maximum of 4GB ram then you cant install 8GB of RAM. Every system motherboard has some limitations. But what if you could run heavy programs on PC with less RAM?

Yes, now its possible. You only need a RAM Drive creator software on your pc. In other words, this software take a certain chunk of your computer RAM and mount it as virtual hard drive. There are various softwares available out there. In this tutorial I have used Miray Ram Drive because it works flawlessly and also easy to use. It is better for beginner level user.

How to make programs runs faster with Miray RAM Drive?

Step 1: Download Miray RAM Drive software and simply install it on your pc. This software will install Virtual RAM Drive drivers.

Step 2: After installation, Miray RAM Drive runs in system tray. Click on its icon and you will see a slider that goes from 20MB to 4125MB maximum. You can adjust amount of RAM that the software will use as virtual hard drive.

Step 3
: After setting up all things, you have to do is click the Green-coloured Power Icon at bottom and Miray RAM Drive will create a virtual RAM, which will show up with your PC's other hard drive partitions.

Thats it. Now you can run any heavy software or game on your computer with less RAM. When done, click on Miray RAM Drive icon in the system tray again and turn it on.



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At January 10, 2018 at 12:12 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

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